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What is Healthy World Nutrition?


A love for food, nutritional therapy and world travel were the inspiration for this practice.  

People can experience dramatic health improvements using diet change and nutrients which can empower them to bring themselves to a place of greater health.   When individuals are healthy and happy, their positive outlook affects their environment and contributes to improved the health of the people around them.  Living in complete isolation is not possible, people are interconnected with each other in communities, countries, continents and globally, so a healthier you = a healthier world.  

Similarly, the interconnectedness of body systems means that health or dis-ease in one area can affect the whole body.  For example, the health of the GI tract often affects a person’s immunity, mood and skin.   

During and after our consults, I want you to feel empowered.  You can take charge of your health - no matter what issues you face.  Learning about how food affects you can enable you to break unhealthy habits, often with more ease than you might expect.  Beginning new habits will allow you to redefine your relationship to food and to see the benefits first hand.  I look forward to supporting you on that journey! 

Nuri Adams-Davies, BA(Hons), BANT, CNHC


How I Got Started

Successfully using food and nutrients to manage my own health issues, such as weight gain, osteoarthritis, and poor immunity increased my drive and passion to help others help themselves.    I chose to attend the College of Naturopathic Medicine because of its focus on evidence-based research and was awarded a diploma in Naturopathic Nutrition in 2016.  Since then I have been practicing both with Healthy World Nutrition and as a member of a private health clinic.  I regularly attend lectures, webinars, and create learning materials for my clients and this website.  Currently, I am also focusing more study in the field of Classical Chinese Medicine (CCM).  Topics of special interest are GI health, mood disorders, hormone balancing, and sports and dancer nutrition.  Some issues I see regularly are thyroid problems, fertility problems, difficulties with menopause, blood sugar control and diabetes, parasites/yeast or Candida overgrowth, SIBO, IBS and IBD, both oseto and rheumatoid arthritis, nervous disorders and mood disorders, such as schizophrenia, manic depressive and bipolar disorder, prolonged periods of intense stress, and helping people creating eating programs to support premium health during intense physical training.  


Where will your health journey take you?

Personal nutrition and a healing approach to food can benefit each person in the world.  During your initial consult, we'll talk about all the systems of your body, looking for clues that will give us ideas of how the problems began and how to best support the body to heal itself.  Having at least one follow-up consult is highly advisable and, depending on what we're dealing with, testing may be suggested.  I work exclusively with reputable labs, such as Genova Diagnostics, Regenerus, and Functional Dx.   I also offer ongoing email support to all my clients as well as educational materials not available to the general public.  These are informational handouts, some of which might be about the blood sugar roller coaster or why dairy-free diets are helpful, as well as diet plans, shopping lists and recipes.  The more informed you are, the easier it is to make healthy choices.  

Pre-Screening Forms

Below are forms to print, complete, and bring with you to our consult.  Please ensure that you have completed the Food Diary, the Pre-Consult Health Questionnaire, and the Terms of Consent form.   

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